April 15, 2019by Anita

Cas Holmes – Postcards is an introductory workshop marking your  places of interest you.

Returning to Eau Brink Studio for this one day workshop to inspire you to record your travels.

What landscapes and images seen on your travels would you represent on your postcard?

We will share processes and ideas based on some of the artist’s personal approaches to creating mixed media works with found materials. We will look at transforming paper to turn it into a cloth-like feel through Momigami (Japanese crumpling) and combining it with textile and stitch to create small postcard size samples.

The focus will be on hand stitching as an extension of mark making and drawing.


STUDENT PREPARATION FOR WORKSHOP: All should fit in one small bag


Postcards and images representing a place you have been or travelled to use a an initial source of inspiration. Themes could be

Gardens or Natural History:Images and text relating to plant, insects, birds. (based on the idea of a Planthunter or naturalist recording.their world.


Equipment: Hand sewing equipment  (scissors,a few threads for hand stitching, pins). Waterproof felt pen or a biro if you have one. Glue sticks (pritt) or similar. Sewing machine (optional)



Paper and textiles inspired by your theme.

Papers: Brown wrapping paper or large brown envelopes, tissue paper, Collect assorted waste papers from patterned paper bags, magazines, oriental specialist papers, sweetwrappers, printed photocopy paper etc.

Gathered fabric scraps: Writing, prints, lace, scraps of cotton/ linen, silk fabrics with or without prints- various sizes.

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April 13, 2019by Anita

Small Objects of desire with Cas Holmes learning how to make art from found materials.


Taking our inspiration from everyday objects, (cups, bowls etc) collections  of natural forms (shells, feathers, leaves) or other types of personal memorabilia as a starting point for developing themes we will create our own layered, collage and stitch ‘Still Life’ or ‘Landscape/Nature Study’

Found paper, fabric scraps and found materials will be combined with transferring of images and stitch as a means for informing work for the development of new ideas. These will be constructed on a small canvas .
Please bring to the workshop:

A waterproof pen scissors, regular sewing thread, pins and needle.A few hand threads in your preferred colour range

Small portable kit of painting media you may like to use (can be watercolour, Koh I Noor, Inktense whatever you have)

Also useful camera for documentation, notebook, drawing media.

Sewing machine with free motion capability. (optional) Embroidery hoop

Collection of waste papers and gathered fabric scraps: Examples. Brown wrapping paper or large brown envelopes, tissue paper, patterned paper bags, photocopies of images relating to your theme, magazines, oriental specialist papers, prints, lace, scraps of cotton, linen, silk fabrics with or without prints- various sizes. All should fit into one small bag

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January 19, 2018by Anita

Everybody has their own unique colour story which we will learn to use in a Colourful Artistic Journey.

What will yours be?
A Colourful Day

The day will commence with introductions over coffee and a little exercise into your colour unique colours by calculating your date of birth and name into a figure and working out which colours are you.

This will be followed with a little mediation where you will think about what your colours mean to you and what words will best describe those colours. For example one of my colours is Rose. The words I may associate with the colour rose are soft, velvet,  fragrant, calm, blush, pale, and delicate.

Once  the colours and meanings are fixed into your mind you will then create art by using only those colours and all the tints and hues associated with them. The art can be experimental, traditional or abstract. You can use paints, dyes, stitch, fabric, papers anything you feel is right on the day. the aim is to not over think it just do it.

Refreshments included but not lunch.

All materials included but you may want to bring some of your own.

Suitable for all levels of experience.

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